Class 10th

Course type : One Year Classroom Program (X)

Eligible Candidates : Students who are moving to class X .

Separate Batches For CBSE Board Students & ICSE Board students

This course includes comprehensive coverage of CBSE/ICSE Board syllabus of subjects: Physics/Chemistry/Mathematics/Biology/English in synchronized manner with all additional and relevant topics of higher level to inculcate analytical skills, problem solving ability and better understanding of core-concepts required for JEE(Main/Advanced) / NEET and various competitive examinations (like Olympiads, K.V.P.Y. etc.)

Fee Structure (One Year Program)
Total Fee Payable- Rs.34,000/-

Detailed Course Description

S.No. Academic Details Description
1. Course Type One Year Classroom Program (X)
2. Eligible Candidates Students who are moving to class X .This program is to be started class X onwards.
3. Suitable for aspirants of Board Examination (X) , NTSE, KVPY, Olympiad, JEE(Main/Advanced) / NEET.
4. Subjects Class X - Mathematics, Science(Physics/Chemistry/Biology), Mental Ability, English .
5. Syllabus Class X - Extensive coverage of NTSE/Olympiads & CBSE/ICSE Board Syllabus.

Test Series(10th )*                                                                    

Board Level Test every alternate week.            
NTSE/Olympiad level Test every alternate week.
7. No. of Academic Days* in a week.
  3-4 Days for regular classes(2.5-3 hours duration)
*This is a tentative assessment of Required Classes/ No. of Tests/No of Academic Days/Duration of one Academic Day. These details may vary as per requirement.
S. No. Particulars Proposed Fee
1. Admission Fee 3,500/-
2. Tuition Fee 17,000/-
3. Research & Development Fee 3,500/-
4. Administrative Fee 7,000/-
5. Total Fee                 31,000/-
6. Books 3,000/-
7. Total Payable 34,000/-

Fee Payment Schedule:

S. No. Fee Installment Amount Payment Dates
1. 17,000/- At the time of Admission
2. 17,000/- After two month of Admission Date or After two months of starting of Academic Year.(Whichever is later)

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