Class 11th


Course type : One Year Classroom Program (XI)

Eligible Candidates : Students who are moving to class XI .

The best brains compete to get admission to this two year legendary course offered by us. The course, unmatched in its rigor and precision , raises you to the very zenith of your preparation. The stimulating atmosphere of the institute, small batches and one to one interaction with the instructor ensure that every rough edge is smoothened, every small doubt is cleared. More importantly, we train you to think analytically, we give you a systematic approach to problem solving a must for JEE(Main/Advanced) & NEET. If you think you are bright, if you think you are capable, if you think that you can make it to the top, this course is precisely for you.

Fee Structure (One Year Program)
Total Fee Payable- Rs.48,000/-

Detailed Course Description

S.No. Academic Details Description
1. Course Type One Year Classroom Program (XI)
2. Eligible Candidates Students who are moving to class XI . 
3. Batch Commencement Date 2nd or 3rd week of April
4. Suitable for aspirants of Board Exams , KVPY, Olympiad, JEE(Main/Advanced) / NEET.
5. Subjects Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/Biology.
6. Syllabus Extensive coverage of JEE(Main/Advanced) / NEET & CBSE/ICSE Board Syllabus.

Test Series
JEE(Main/Advanced) ,NEET

 Weekly Chapter Tests                                                                                            Monthly Cumulative Tests                                                                                      Multiple Full Syllabus Tests

These tests ensure proper application of learned concepts and to simulate Exam pressure so many times before actual JEE(Main/Advanced) / NEET Examinations.

8. Vedio Library Recorded Vedio Lectures of each class for revision Purpose.
9. Test Series*
Board Level(CBSE/ICSE)
Students will have a chance to take some Full Syllabus Board Level (ICSE/CBSE) Tests upon syllabus completion in class XI & class XII.
10. No. of academic days* every week. 5-6 Days (3-4 hours every day) 
*This is a tentative assessment of Required Classes/No of Academic Days/ No. of Tests/Duration of one Academic Day. These details may vary as per requirement.
S. No. Particulars Proposed Fee 
1. Admission Fee 4,800/-
2. Tuition Fee 24,000/-
3. Research & Development Fee 4,800/-
4. Administrative Fee 9,600/-
5. Total Fee 43,200/-
6. Books 4,800/-
7. Total Payable



Fee Payment Schedule:

S. No. Fee Installment Amount Payment Dates
1. 24,000/- At the time of Admission
2. 24,000/- After two month of Admission Date or After two months of starting of Academic Year.(Whichever is late)


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