Remaining time is too short if we take a look upon huge syllabus of JEE MAIN. Due to constraints of time & extra large sized syllabus, it becomes necessary to have a proper study plan taking everything into account.

An ideal plan may have daily routine divided in to 3 sessions :

1)      Revision Session : You should revise each chapter thoroughly using self prepared notes. It would be ideal if you can revise whole syllabus at least twice before Exam Date.

2)    Practice Session : You need to practice some quality problems from all chapters. For this purpose you can utilize some crisp & precise study material. There is absolutely no need to solve hundreds of problems from a single chapter, only 25-30 will solve the purpose.

3)    Regular Tests : This session is most important. You must take test daily or on alternate days to check your progress. You must begin with chapter specific test (Part Tests) to cover all chapters comprehensively & then move to full syllabus test. It is to be ensured that by the time of actual exam, you must take at least 10-12 Full Syllabus Test so that you can have enough experience & simulation of JEE MAIN.

          “As this year students are going to have 4 attempts for JEE MAIN . try to upgrade your preparation in such a manner that by the last attempt your preparation must be at the top level. Try to upgrade your score in each attempt. In depth knowledge & sincere practice  is the only way to achieve it .

          After going through this article, you must first of all prepare a study plan and execute it in a disciplined manner. A regulated and balanced approach will definitely fetch you good score in JEE MAIN

All the Best.               

Premanand Srivastava
Founder , Gurukul
B.Tech , IIT Dhanbad
A.I.R. – 08 (GATE-2010).