It is like how we plant a seed & take care till it become a tree , once it turn  itself in to a tree, it start showing its flowers & then its fruit subsequently. In the same way, a student is also like a seed. If we make academic base of any student stronger and respect his/her career choice then student will definitely succeed due to his/her self motivating spirit  with proper guidance & hardship of his/her teacher. .

So as a guardian, its your duty to know the interest of your ward and not to force him/her blindly to adopt something unsuitable by other examples of society because most of the time it results in ultimate failure of your ward .Failure of own son/daughter is something which is very hard to accept by any guardian. In such situations, parents generally start blaming teachers of their ward irrespective of accepting their own mistakes.

As a guardian/parent it,s your duty to inspire your ward to be a person of his/her own will and try to insulate him/her from your own career desires.

If your ward is interested in studies then we can provide him/her a platforms which is much required for success in Competitive Exams (NTSE, OLYMPIAD, JEE, NEET etc. ) to be faced by your ward in near future.

Below given is a real life case study which will make you aware why it is necessary to start preparation early in  any field with proper pathway or guidance for ultimate smooth success of your ward in such prestigious Examinations……..